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Jonas Flynn Boyte-Montealegre

    For those of you who may not know, my life recently became much more rich and rewarding. My wife and I had a beautiful, engaged, healthy and happy little boy in February. If you are a client, you have been patient with me as I took care of lots of projects before going on my paternity leave, and I really appreciate your understanding.

    Life with Jonas is so very much more than I expected — more challenging in a lot of ways (sleep deprivation is no joke) but so much more fulfilling. Instead of being sapped of inspiration, he gives me more than I know what to do with. His morning smile is better than any coffee (and if you know my love of and addiction to coffee, you know that this is serious) and time with him is the happiest of my day.

    To all you fathers out there, Happy Father’s Day! I had a great first, and look forward to many many more.