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New Jason Boyte Designs Website

    Hi and welcome to my new website. I finally updated it after four years. Eternity, I know.

    Every time I mentioned I wanted to update my site, people said, “Why? Your site is great.” So I put it off in favor of client work, letting it nag away at me. And I loved my old website — it was slick, bright and it highlighted San Francisco, my favorite spot on Earth. That said, it was getting old. It was done early when social media was just starting to get its legs and before its many uses were uncovered. Also, I felt that the work I wanted to present just wasn’t presented as well as it could be, and wasn’t making use of all the latest and greatest best practices and technology.

    I often advise my clients to not be afraid to get rid of things that they may be fond of and that may have worked well for them at one time but don’t work any longer. It is too easy to hold onto something because of nostalgia, because you think it’s cool, or even because you worked really hard on it at one time. So, with that said, I am pleased to show you my new site, where my projects and my thoughts take the forefront. Content determines design. That’s what I say to my clients all the time, and now I’m holding true to my own advice.

    Please take a look around, please feel free to drop me a note and please feel free to follow my thoughts on Twitter, Facebook and RSS.

    With appreciation,