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Low-Brow, High Yield Photography

    Photography. How I have such respect for real photographers who sit poised precariously to catch the right shot in the right light; who lurk in darkrooms for hours upon end; and who ultimately throw out rolls and rolls of film because all the myriad of variables necessary didn’t connect to make a shot work.

    Me, I’m not that guy. I have a pretty sweet digital camera that I use for work that can really get the job done, but what I use more than anything is my iPhone. It’s HANDY. It’s EASY. It allows you two very important things in creative pursuits: 1) spontaneity and 2) the ability to mess up. You don’t have to keep crappy photos. You delete them. You can take photos of odd things at odd angles just because there is something unique about the composition. It gives you FREEDOM.

    I take photos of signs, buildings, cracks in the sidewalk. It drives my wife crazy sometimes when we’re walking and I stop again and again. Still, I’ve created more than one piece from a composition I found in the natural environment. is a great tool to take, treat on the fly, and share tool. Download it and follow me if you’d like.