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Karina Denike, Musician

    Karina is an amazing singer and songwriter, who blends rich harmonies and moody arrangements to create something uniquely her own. I’m very proud to have worked with her on a number of projects:

    Aviatrix Tour

    Inspired from an antique Czech poster Karina found, I illustrated and designed this piece for her East Coast tour.

    Rite Spot Residency

    This was designed for Karina Denike’s monthly residency at The Rite Spot in San Francisco.

    Song Book

    This illustration is for an illustrated songbook with sheet music in the works for Karina Denike. Her song, “Musee Mecanique,” refers to the actual Musee Mecanique located on the SF wharf. Odd, eccentric and old-timey, this illustration does its best to keep up with the theme and the song.