Green Apple Acupuncture

Joey Mazzera needed to establish a look for her new acupuncture practice. She had ideas: NO stereotypical yen/yang iconography. Check. NO clichéd Chinese imagery. And check. What she wanted was a look that represented her holistic approach to medicine and her treatments. She loved old apothecary jars, and in fact makes some products herself. She wanted traditional, retro and chic.

What she got was a logo that calls back to the old apothecary typography and combines it with vibrant colors for a more modern touch. Her website also balances the old and the new with traditional font faces treated with some modern touches, and again with bright greens and browns. Old anatomy imagery also compliments the apothecary feel and stays away from the tired imagery she wanted to avoid.

After the successful launch of the website along with her new logo, Joey commissioned me to illustrate a Christmas card, which was warmly received.