Bevel Salon 2.0 Launch

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I am very pleased to share the recent launch of Bevel Salon’s new redesigned/reworked website! The original, which we did some years ago, established a strong brand and a great look. With this revamp, we took that look and expanded upon it, and introduced a lot of new features. Built in WordPress, Bevel can now […]

Happy Holidays!

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Hi guys. What a great, busy year! I hope yours was full of great events and memories. Mine sure has — from watching my son grow minute-by-minute, this has been a very rewarding year, indeed. Anyway, attached is a holiday card I did for Green Apple Acupuncture. All the best to you and yours for […]

Carey Head, Bang Bang and The Comet Empire at Hotel Utah

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Hi, I thought I’d share this one while it was hot off the presses — maybe you’ll want to see this great lineup at the San Francisco institution, Hotel Utah. It’s a great little place that has been around forever. It’s also the site of some great memories, as some of my musician friends had […]

Cretacolor launch

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Hi Guys. Been so busy with the holidays, Getting the little kiddo into daycare and projects that I haven’t been good about keeping up with updates. Anyway, I’ve launched several cool projects as of late. One I’m particularly proud of is Cretacolor. Cretacolor makes fine art pencils and other art supplies. This is a testament […]